Winter Candle Bundle

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Say hello to colder temps with our Winter collection. Set the mood with our candles January, February, and March. Our fall collection trio includes three 9 oz soy candles for you to light and enjoy. Each candle encompasses a different element of winter.


January: A pepperminty-vanilla mix that brings back warm memories on cold winter days.

February: This sweet blend of berry fragrance is mellowed out by woody elements, and is sure to remind you of your sweetheart. 

March: AH-CHOO! This eucalyptus blend will help you survive allergy season.  


Handcrafted & Hand-poured

Suggested burn time: 4 hour intervals

9oz clear or black glass candle vessel


Candle Care:


Allow your candle to burn until the full surface has melted completely, this will ensure that your candle reaches its full melt pool & burns evenly with every session. 

All wicks should be centered & trimmed 1/4" before lighting, every time

Place candle on heat resistant surfaces only

Keep candle within eyesight & away from flammable items

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