Wax Melt Bundle
Wax Melt Bundle
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Wax Melt Bundle

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Everything you need for a flame-free fragrance experience is in this bundle. 

  • Wax cubes with the fragrance you choose
  • An empty jar to melt the wax cubes
  • A plug-in, electric wax melter to put your jar and wax melts on and enjoy your fragrance
  • *sleigh not included in winter wonderland set

How it works:

  • Place a wax cube (we recommend doing 1 at a time) into the empty jar
  • Place the jar with the wax cube onto the electric wax melter
  • Plug in the electric wax melter and turn it on 
  • Enjoy the fragrance
  • 1 wax cube lasts ~ 1 week
  • Use a paper towel to wipe out remaining wax from jar and toss the paper towel in the trash. You can now put another wax cube into the empty jar
  • You can purchase wax cube refills when you run out here: https://mixonsgiftshop.com/products/wax-melts