Chill Out Spa Day Gift Set

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You need a day to relax. Self Care Sunday, anyone?

The Chill Out Spa Day Gift Set is perfect for whenever you need a relaxing day. Here's what's included:

  • Chill Out Candle: A 4 oz soy candle, with a White Sage and Citrus scent (sage, citrus, and white musk notes). Light this candle and let the scent relax and invigorate you. 
  • Bath salt soak: Open the cap and pour the bath salt into a warm running bath and let dissolve. 
  • Box of matches: Strike the match on the side of the box and light your candle
  • Bath bomb: drop one into your your bath and watch the bubbles. 
  • Exfoliation gloves: remove that dead skin from your body (don't use on your face) by putting the gloves on, wetting them and lathering up with soap. Now give your body a scrub.